by Allen B. Clark
The Stories
Stories in the nineteen chapters run the gamut from Nam Dong Special Forces camp in the Central Highlands in 1963 through possibly the first big and  accurate picture of the facts relating to how the war started with the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident by the supersecret Studies and Observation Group cross  beach raiding parties. These attacks in North Vietnam kicked off the entire next eleven years for our warriors.

Marines will find compelling the story of Plano resident LTG. (Ret.) Richard Carey and his command of the helicopters cycling in and out of Saigon in the fateful  days of April 1975 as the final evacuation occurred. Dallas attorney David Pickett relates his involvement with the controversial Phoenix operation.

Retired Special Forces MSGT and Dallas resident Jess Johnson describes his harrowing days as a combat medic in the 101st Airborne Division in the Ashau  Valley.

Recently deceased Maj. (USA-Ret) George Petrie has two stories in the book, one encompassing his participation in the ill-fated 1970 Special Forces raiding  party at Son Tay and his assisting in the Evacuation of Saigon.

Air Force veterans will be interested in a little-known bombing run by Colleyville resident MG (USAF-Ret) John Corder on three Russian bombers at an air base  near Hanoi.

Air Force officer Marty Donohue recounts his assault with his helicopter of the guard towers of the Son Tay camp.

Navy veterans will be interested in the ditching in the South China Sea of a Naval Academy graduate Brev Moore who eventually was rescued.

Another is a "brown water" Riverine boat story by Houston attorney John O'Neill (Annapolis grad).

Women veterans will find fascinating San Antonio resident and nurse "Wendy" Weller's account of her one year tour at the China Beach Army hospital at  Danang.

Remember Hill 875 when companies of the 173rd Airborne Brigade were surrounded on three sides? Come meet Bob Fleming of Pittsburgh who survived that  battle after being wounded twice.

Legion of Valor members Ron Brown (Distinguished Service Cross) and his 1962 West Point classmate, Marine Marshall Carter (Navy Cross) relate incredible  stories of their combat experiences.

A five year veteran of the war Patrick Tadina fascinates readers with his exploits as a Ranger on innumerable missions against the enemy up and down  Vietnam.

The celebrated battle of the Ia Drang so magnificently portrayed in the movie We Were Soldiers is described in detail at both LZ X-Ray and the ensuing  massacre at the little-known LZ Albany through the eyes of West Point graduate company commanders Tony Nadal and Joel Sugdinis.

Learn about Chris Russell, the son of the Colonel who oversaw the SOG missions against the north, Kit Carson Scouts, JUSPAO Civilian actions by Ron  Humphrey who eventually marries Kim, a Vietnamese woman who was tortured but eventually released, and the horrendous ordeal of Army doctor Hal  Kushner, who survived captivity under the brutal conditions of the Viet Cong jungle camps after his capture.

Allen's West Point classmate, Gary Coe, speaks about the early advisory efforts before the introduction of large American units into the war. Anyone who  served in Southeast Asia, knows someone who did, or is curious about the war from personal stories of the combatants will not want to miss the book. It is  truly a highly personalized approach to knowing about Vietnam.

Copyright © 2012 Allen B. Clark.