by Allen B. Clark
Book Reviews and Reader Comments
"When wars and armed conflicts are documented, the penchant is to evaluate the strategic moves of the opposing forces, the decisions of the commanders, or the societal changes produced by the conflict.  But the more compelling and, arguably, important gauge of military actions are the observations, personal recollections, and remembered fears of those who participated. 

Allen Clark has provided a well-informed, compelling compilation of the “up close and personal” side of the Vietnam War in his masterful chronicle of first person stories.  Valor in Vietnam: Chronicles of Honor, Courage and Sacrifice is an accurate history of remembered experiences by some of the countless men and women who were instrumental in our nation’s successes in that war. 

These gripping stories highlight the dedication, commitment and professional expertise of our nation’s combat forces – a must read."
- Vice Admiral David B. Robinson, USN (Ret), Navy Cross Recipient

"I just received the books!!! Wow, they are going to love it!!!  Thank you so much. I am certain I will be ordering more :-). God Bless You!"
- Linda from Michigan

"Finished book about an hour ago.  Our fallen mates are looking down on you with great pride and those still with us, whose stories you told so eloquently, must indeed be proud."
- Sam from Temple, TX

"I am working my way through your amazing book, Valor in Vietnam Chronicles of Honor, Courage, and Sacrifice.  I am delightfully impressed with your documentation—it must have been a massive project to personally interview and investigate your sources.  It is well written.  You have certainly exhibited Honor & Courage not only in battle but over the subsequent years and writing this book shows remarkable sacrifice—lots of sacrifice of your time."
- Andy

"After attending a special event sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Dallas honoring Allen and his most recent book, I headed home to read this most stirring, but often painful account of 22 personal stories that also fit well into a comprehensive history of the Viet Nam Conflict.
I was not disappointed."

As stated in the Foreward:

'It verges on being allegorical--portraying and explaining the abstract by means of concrete forms. In this case, the forms are drawn from those who served in Viet Nam.' Dave R. Palmer, Lt. Gen., U.S. Army (ret)

- Bob Cooper, Dallas, Texas

Lessons of Vietnam Still Relevant, August 26, 2012

"Allen Clark has compiled an amazing set of stories of our servicemen and women in Vietnam. This is a book that should evoke an emotional response from anyone ---- veteran, or not. The stories Clark writes are about real people doing their duty under extremely trying circumstances. He is able to put a human face on those who served honorably. They are representative of the thousands of others who served with them in Vietnam. His descriptions of how they suffered both mentally and physically performing incredible tasks in combat would be fitting for the plots of modern action movies ---- except these events really happened. Clark, himself a severely wounded Vietnam veteran has done a service for today's young military folks by recording "combat leadership lessons" that are still relevant to the small unit leaders today. He has successfully bridged the Vietnam militaries' experiences to those of the Iraq and Afghanistan generation through his pithy tactical "lessons" ---- many which are timeless. Lessons dealing with cultural differences, tactics, and techniques are just as applicable to our fight against the islamic terrorists in Afghanistan as they were against the VC terrorists in Vietnam. Not all the subjects in the book are without flaws as Clark points-out. However, whatever their failings were outside the military they did perform in heroic and admirable ways during their service in Vietnam. They are owed a debt of gratitude for reminding us that honor, courage, and sacrifice are traits to be respected and should not be forgotten."
- Reviewed by LtCol ret E. Kennedy, Jr., Leavenworth, KS (West Pointer and instructor at Leavenworth on the Vietnam War)

Vietnam - up close and personal, August 20, 2012
"Allen Clark has outdone his own personal Vietnam memoir - Wounded Soldier Healing Warrior, with his recent compilation of first-person narratives VALOR IN VIETNAM. As the subtitle suggests, Allen has woven together nineteen different "chronicles of honor, courage, and sacrifice" from Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine vets spanning fourteen years of major US involvement 1963-1977. Each individual vignette is linked seamlessly with the others with historical and political context in chronological order. When appropriate, COMBAT LEADERSHIP LESSONS are specified in the narrative. Allen's book, probably better than any other effort, is a wonderful reference for all readers who are interested in understanding the generally quiet Vietnam vet who just happens to be their father, or brother, or husband, or neighbor, or US Senator, or, yes, .....even their eye doctor."
- Reviewed by R. Enzenauer, Aurora, CO
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